Marylyn McLaughlin
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Marylyn McLaughlin brings a fresh perspective to the travel industry, having joined us in 2012. Her deep love for travel has taken her on extensive adventures throughout Europe, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and North America. One of her most cherished travel experiences was a two-month, cross-country journey she planned herself, exploring the diverse landscapes of the United States with her husband and four sons in 2006.

While Marylyn is a generalist in her travel consultant career, she is more a European travel planner since most of her clients travel there and she creates tailor-made journeys to cities in Europe for them. She understands that the details matter and believes that each trip should be carefully crafted to reflect the client's personality and fit within their budget. Recently, she started to dive into South American travel planning to expand on her value to her clients.

Residing in Long Beach Township, New Jersey with her husband Thomas, Marylyn actively contributes to her community. She serves as the Vice Chair on the Board of Trustees for the Mayo Center for the Performing Arts, showcasing her passion for the arts. Above all, Marylyn takes great pride in being the proud mother of four wonderful sons and enjoys planning travel for her family. When her sons are away at college, she eagerly fills the void by planning many vacations, allowing her to stay connected to her passion for travel.

With Marylyn's enthusiasm, attention to detail, and dedication to creating personalized travel experiences, you can trust that your journey will be thoughtfully planned and tailored to your preferences. Whether you're seeking a family adventure or a customized European city escape, Marylyn's commitment to understanding your unique travel needs ensures that your vacation will be unforgettable.

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