Have You Discovered These Buzzworthy Travel Gems?
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Have You Discovered These Buzzworthy Travel Gems?

We wonder why some amazing vacation spots are largely undiscovered by Americans. How could places that are scenic, historic, dollar-favorable, comparatively safe, and filled with lovely, welcoming people not be on every traveler’s bucket list? We’re speaking of Central and South America!

Another factor to make the best use of precious vacation time – countries in this region are in the same time zone as the eastern U.S. (or within a couple of hours), for less jetlag and travel time than other international destinations.

How about a trip to Argentina, and the capital city of Buenos Aires, where you can immerse yourself in Spanish culture from the moment you step off the plane? The perhaps surprisingly cosmopolitan city of boasts a vibe similar to European cities, but with its own flavor of culture, food, architecture, music, activities – and spectacular photo-opportunities! Climactic and topographical variances in Argentina gives travelers the chance to plan a trip well-suited to their outdoor interests, weather preferences and schedules.

Uruguay, bordering Argentina, is a hidden gem that wows with its combination of subtropical scenery, grand architecture, and the people’s devotion to soccer! According to Wikipedia, Uruguay ranks first in Latin America for democracy, peace, and quality of living. The vibrant capital city of Montevideo reflects the progressive modern lifestyle of its residents and offers wonderful plazas, viewpoints, wineries and sophisticated cultural activities to experience.

A little closer to home is Costa Rica, increasingly popular amongst Americans for its natural beauty. You can visit a real jungle and beautiful beaches in the same trip, and mingle with native exotic wildlife! For outdoor enthusiasts of with any level of interest in being adventurous – from taking a leisurely stroll to zip-lining, a trip to Costa Rica means fun, relaxation, and great resorts!

Galapagos Islands, Angel Falls… here are more great South America destinations.

Links to the websites above will help get your wish list started! Our travel consultants are experienced and knowledgeable about these areas, so they’re ready to help narrow down the many possibilities and plan a trip based on your interests, schedule and budget.

(photo of Buenos Aires courtesy of klm.com)

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