Special Experiences for All in South Africa
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Special Experiences for All in South Africa

I always feel so fortunate to be able to return to Africa again and again…though it’s usually for work, this past week was focused on pure immersion in South Africa with my family and some dear friends who were seeing this magical country for the first time. There were 3 children in total, ages 6, 7 and 13 and it was beautiful to see how overwhelmed they were with the incredible experiences that this country is filled with, and if you’re looking for ways to influence potential family clients on what there is to do and see in South Africa, I’ll share one of our most special days with you.

While in Cape Town, I organized a Cape Malay Cooking Safari, one of the many experiential options that our destination management company features in their vast portfolio of immersions that twist up any trip. We began with a lovely lady named Zainie who took us spice shopping in the vibrant Bo-Kaap where brightly colored houses and smiling faces welcome you while you smell gorgeous aromas around nearly every corner.


Then, it was onto Zainie’s home and personal kitchen, where we all rolled up our sleeves and participated in everything from folding our own samosas, creating the perfect Cape Malay chicken curry, rolling dough to make our own roti and more, all the while hearing the beautiful stories of her culture, her history as a chef, and what daily life is like in this quarter. The children were incredibly engaged, mainly because they were encouraged to roll their sleeves up same as the adults and get involved in the cooking, and during the breaks, Zainie’s trampoline outside in her courtyard surrounded by plentiful trees to climb kept them happy.


When we all sat down to eat what we had prepared, it was equally as delicious as it was special, to have shared this experience with our families and children, and such an interesting person in the warmth of her home. There are so many wonderful ways to make your Southern Africa trip extra special!

Thank you, Gabriella Ribeiro Truman, for sharing these wonderful vacation highlights and pictures!

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